Portuguese entry Best Foreign Film. Oscars 2021.


77th Venice Film Festival 

2 Lions 

**Best Debut Feature (LION)

**Jury Award (LION)



4 Independant awards 

**Best Film Sorriso Diverso, an award celebrating the social impact of the the film. 

**Bisato D'Oro, Golden Bisato

**Best Film from the Independent critics in Italy

**ARCA CinemaGiovani Award for Best Opera Prima Casa Wabi - shared with The Wasteland and Genus Pan 



In the outskirts of London, Portuguese couple and parents of three, Bela and Jota, struggle to make ends meet. When a misunderstanding arises at school with their deaf daughter, the British social services grow concerned for the safety of their children. LISTEN portrays the tireless battle of these immigrant parents against the law to keep their family together.

"LISTEN follows in the footsteps of films like Ken Loach's LADYBIRD LADYBIRD." -Wendy Ide -Screen

"LISTEN is a film from a courageous filmmaker that won’t leave anybody the same. And it shouldn’t." 
- Fade To Her

Scene from listen