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Featuring Noam Chomsky & Peter Wintonick 

Featuring        N o a m   C h o m s k y   





A mysterious private military contractor rides into town with a mission to take control of the city's dreams –– to master the desires of the burgeoning slums that his bosses believe will soon determine the world's future. Meanwhile, young "cable wallah" Rama, who presides over micro-TV-empires in each of the city's districts, begins to be pursued for a mysterious piece of 'information, and is forced to undertake a journey of discovery that puts him face to face with the foreigner and his plans for the future of India.







Directed by     Peter Mann  +  Jamie King

Featuring        P e t e r   W I n t o n I c k  

Featuring        N o a m   C h o m s k y   

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